Landscape: Morning Sea

We climbed out of bed at five in the morning for this sunrise. It was October or November before Bredon was born, and Daylight Savings time was done, so we were moving fast enough at that time of day to justify the trip out to the sea.

I don’t specialize in landscape shots – I am much more interested in the details of the life lived out in them – but this landscape enchanted me. It was a waiting; it made me want to hold my breath to watch the story play out. I could see the ocean coming in, see what it left behind, the foam results of busy wanderings as the tide went. Pete and Piper and my brother Jeremiah (number 5 of our eight-kid family) played in the glassy sand reflections, not really noticing the cool of the water. I stood with my camera and tried to take it all in.

I’m pulling things out of my archives this week, since I’m having a hard time sitting up at the computer for any length of time to produce new work. I am beginning to feel less knocked out though, so I’m hoping for a bit more next week.

I hope you all have a happy Friday and a really good weekend. Maybe sneak up early; catch a sunrise. Or a sunset. I always wish this on others – at least once in a lifetime. Sunrises are like coffee. Which I am totally getting this morning. Treatment or not.

10 thoughts on “Landscape: Morning Sea

  1. Megan Willome

    I’ve been missing the sea, lately. And I think you’re posting a tremendous amount of work, considering that you’re in treatment right now. And it’s good work, too.

  2. sarah

    I hope you feel better soon. These are beautiful photos. Can I ask, haveyou changed the sizing of your weblog? It seems much smaller to me, and I can’t read the subheader. Still beautiful though :-)

  3. Deidra

    So pretty. I love the ocean. Reminds me of an early morning years ago in Hawaii. We had to drive in the dark to see the sunrise. Worth it. Every second.

  4. nance

    you going through this, and then glynn with his back injury.
    i hope you are going to soon be feeling back up to speed.
    glynn said he was in a white space.
    i hope that his white space and yours is holy ground.

    here i am… sitting smack dab in the middle of indiana.
    oregon seems pretty far away.
    i have been here for over two weeks, and those shots of the water are looking pretty good to me right now.

  5. patty

    oo.. i think i missed something. i hope you weren’t hurt and i hope by now you are feeling better. there was something about this post… i think “piper”‘s name… i think i followed you when i first started blogging but your site was so different looking… still light colors… am i imagining this?
    beautiful photos. i love sunrise and sunset. somethng so peaceful about it.