Will ♥ Rachel – August, 2006

I have wanted to post this wedding for a while, but I’ll be honest – my memories of the wedding did not prepare me for the visual pain I would encounter, going back through my original images. Good Lord, I have grown since I did these photos! I’ve included mostly black-and-white images here because they were shot with my old D-70, which completely tricks out the colors, and ohmyword, I can’t stand orange skin tones! I had only one wide-angle lens at the time (the kit lens that came with my camera), and if you can believe it, I didn’t even know know about auto-focus. Ahem. It’s embarrassing. (Only probably not to you, since you didn’t see what *I* saw of my work this morning… *grimace*)

This was one of my earliest weddings, shot before I really began blogging things. I’ve found in the last two years or so that shooting and editing with a publication idea in mind actually helps to focus my work and my style. I wish I’d done that for this one, let me tell you. I’ve noted before, I definitely don’t recommend learning on the job for everyone. It wasn’t until I started challenging myself to shoot outside of my photography jobs that I really began to grow in my work

But anyway! A wedding. I cannot tell you how excited I am to finally be sharing Will and Rachel here!

This bride and groom were friends and co-workers of ours when we lived in Virginia. They called us “Pelly” and we called them “Wichel,” because there are just some people in the world who can actually get away with the Brangelina names out of pure affection. And I suppose since we were pretty inseparable as couples, it made sense to make a diphthong out of the names. Or something.

I know I’m not really supposed to have favorites, but Will and Rachel’s wedding was one of my absolute FAVORITEST weddings ever. Rachel is an artist like me, and she was about as shy about getting married as I was on my day, so I’ve always felt a fierce kinship with her.

I fell completely in love with Rachel’s colors and style, deep rust mixed up with cream and roses. The antiqued lace all over her David’s Bridal dress was so exquisitely romantic – I couldn’t get enough of it. Her bridesmaids wore a strapless rust affair with black velvet bodices and full, gathered skirts that had antebellum overtones, perfect for her location, an old antebellum mansion near Chantilly, Virginia.

I didn’t do a lot with black-and-white in 2006 – I wish I had! I love the absolutely CLASSIC look of this wedding in black-and-white! I’m going to blame A Bryan Photo for my inspiration on these today – they do such wonderful work in so many different mediums that I really love. They give me courage to just try it with my older weddings, see if I can’t redeem some of the wonky-ness…

Oookay. And vendors. I’m using these posts as practice posts so that I REMEMBER to get vendor information at weddings. I am still learning this, and since I am really wanting to form some vendor relationships and share my photos around, I’m thinking that the practice is a good idea.

Venue: Bristow Manor – Bristow, VA
Dress: David’s Bridal
Tux: Men’s Wearhouse
Cake: Rachel Estrada
Flowers: DIY

4 thoughts on “Will ♥ Rachel – August, 2006

  1. Andrea

    I saw no wonky-ness here! Only awe inspired beauty. I so love the affects of black and white wedding photos and the emotion it evokes!
    Beautiful work. And I love the color schemes and I think the vendor info is an awesome thing!

  2. Glynn

    Those are some knockout wedding photos. I’m always amazed at how you translate the love and emotion into the photograph.

  3. Jenny

    So, I still LOVE this, and even more, I love hearing your photog development stories. It helps me since I’m only 9 months into photography myself.

    August 6 I do my first “for hire” shoot. My girlfriends have asked me to shoot a birthday outing. I’m so excited, scared, nervous, twitterpated… I really want to do a good job and kind of have no idea what I’m doing :)

  4. ali

    Hi Kelly! I, today, found your work. AND I love it. And I love how free you are with your faith. I got married at Bristow and just wanted to let you know how beautiful your images are. From this wedding and others. Thanks for sharing your gifts!