Pip & Squiggy: Musketeers

There is nobody in my world like my two littles who run around the house while I work, making up stories and messes, chasing one another up and down the hall, grabbing me in their impromptu baby hugs, basically making my LIFE.

Pip put on a dress today that was two sizes too small for her, adorably short, and too much for this photographer mom to resist. We had an impromptu photo shoot in my office as the sun came out today, right in the middle of a HUGE, MAJOR DO THING I was working on, and actually doing… It was completely worth the interruption, don’t you think?

And you know what? I actually finished the do thing. You should see. It’s really, REALLY cool.

8 thoughts on “Pip & Squiggy: Musketeers

  1. Jenny

    ok seriously, I would never get anything done if I had those littles running around. I’d be chasing behind them with a camera… sigh, the cuteness!

  2. kate

    there’s gotta be 3 of em for them to be musketeers. :-p Better get on that, sister.