Mood Board: The Light Hydrangea

I woke this morning to Pete running into the bedroom to grab some clothes and tear outside after our 6-year-old neighbor boy, who was running up and down the street with his backpack, crying loudly for his mom. We didn’t know his last name, he didn’t know his mom’s phone number, and the school, which he did know, wasn’t picking up their phone. So we called the police ten minutes before his mom drove back down from dropping her two youngest off at preschool. The boy’s school bus was over an hour late, but his mom thought he had already left for school.

My kids were up late last night, and they woke up grumpy, and on top of everything, the morning came in cloudy, just like it has come in cloudy every day this week (good grief – we live in Charleston, not Seattle!!).

My heart hurts, and my body isn’t handling things so well today, so instead of the “Friday Favorites” I planned to post, I’m posting what I found when the sun broke through for just ten minutes this morning.

Sometimes, I need a bit of beauty to soothe the mess and help me breathe. These green hydrangeas, which have been on my DO-List this week anyway, came so pretty in the light, I had to shoot them.

My favorite flower used to be lilacs, but as I’ve grown up and grown allergies, I’ve had to look at other flowers to love. You’ll probably guess that I’ve settled rather obviously on lavender and hydrangeas. And peonies – they’re making a strong case for a new favorite too. Okay, so I like flowers. And I love the way the multifaceted petals in lilacs and hydrangeas make complete magic with the light, which is something else I love. I’m getting lost in here. It’s a good thing.

My settings for these next few were a little different – I completely love the way they came out – utterly classic, almost painted. I can’t wait to put this into practice with some of my people shoots! The more I use my 50mm 1.2, the more I’m falling in love with it. I’m unbelievably excited to have the time and energy to put into my photos again.

And after this little shoot this morning, I am DYING to get behind my camera for the REAL shoot I have planned on Sunday afternoon – this one’s going to be a full-out styled one, and I’m hoping to get it published. *Crosses fingers.*

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5 thoughts on “Mood Board: The Light Hydrangea

  1. Lainee

    Boggles my mind that after all that you’ve have time to grab your camera and shoot something beautiful. Inspiring to say the least. Happy Weekend. <3

  2. sarah

    Absolutely beautiful. How blessed you are to have a camera which allows you to take pictures that reflect what your painterly eye sees. You continue to amaze and inspire me. I love hydrangeas also and would love a series of these pictures framed and lining my living room wall. Art is what they are.

  3. keli hoskins

    i can always count on you and your words and your light-filled images to make me inhale and exhale. in one big whoosh.

    much better. :)