Laity Lodge: The Airplane Poems – Part IV

My favorite part of being at Laity Lodge was meeting the people I’ve come to know and love online. I’ve never had a group experience as I had with these friends, never made “camp memories” the way I made with them. I kept looking over my shoulder, waiting for the ball to drop as it always did when I thought things were going just fine with friends, and it never did. This was honestly the most healing thing about my trip, being treated as a person, interacting with other people.

These last few poems are about the people, MY people – and only just a few. I fell in love with them all, but I only had a two-hour flight. Ahem. So.

Sam, or Dan?

Two men who
aren’t so old as
we ought to believe
still ask Peter Pan –
because of course Peter
would know – who made
the best shot.

© Kelly Sauer, Oct. 2, 2011. All Rights Reserved

Claire(and why we love her South African/Irish lilt)

“Yere” and “theare”, she says,
and all the words dance
through her ready smile,
like music, lyrics
to a song we all wish
we could speak,
tumbling and spinning
with laughter and home,
singing from worlds
with a life we but dream.

© Kelly Sauer, Oct. 2, 2011. All Rights Reserved

An Afternoon with L.L. Barkat

she holds court with
cookies and grace, her
mother-heart love poured
through four-o-clock light
like milk after school, after
day’s worn-out welcome.

© Kelly Sauer, Oct. 2, 2011. All Rights Reserved

15 thoughts on “Laity Lodge: The Airplane Poems – Part IV

  1. Maureen

    These are wonderful poems about people I’m pleased to share space with; I’m taken by how much your experience at Laity Lodge has meant to you.

  2. L.L. Barkat

    Such fun poems (Sam or Dan totally made me smile).

    And Claire’s lilt, and me… holding court? How delightful. But perhaps, in the end, you are the Queen of Hearts.

  3. Jeanne Damoff

    Simply lovely! The photos and the words, and what more beautiful way to celebrate gifts received than by giving these delightful ones in return? Priceless.

    Love, Jeanne

  4. Charity Singleton

    Kelly – These poems have been so great. I love how you see things, and how you capture them in both pictures and words. Hope you are regaining some energy, friend!

  5. Bradley J. Moore

    Kelly, I absolutely love these – The photo of Claire is so gorgeous; the image of LL “Holding Court” – wow, did you ever nail it!! And Dan and Sam and Peter Pan? Perfect. Loved meeting you, wished it was more time we could have spent together.

  6. Sandra Heska King

    These are so totally awesome! Claire, dear Claire, so gorgeous. You’ve captured her beautifully. And L.L. holding court with cookies and grace–what a perfect description of that afternoon. And did you notice–we are all unpolished.

    What a privilege and a joy to spend time with you! xoxo

  7. Linda

    You’ve captured each one just perfectly Kelly. I think I would have known each one without picture or title. I think you are right – it was so much about the people.

  8. Patricia

    How lovely, your words … a gift to us, thank you.
    They remind me of our time together… short, sweet, intense and real.

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