Mood Board: Anatomy of the Muse

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I took a bit of a stay-cation in Pinterest this week, created this mood board about warm (because even with tropical humidity outside, the AC and the clouds let me live a little bit of fantasy, right?), and I thought that today I would talk a little bit about inspiration, since it has definitely been more of a “Fine Art” week at the blog. And because this mood board touched off a bit of inspiration.

Yesterday I referenced my fall-and-winter mood, and as you can see from this post, it’s taken a good, firm hold. I’m going to call this a good thing.

I can’t really explain the way my inspiration works, but I can tell you that it generally starts with a visual – the way the light hits something, a photo, a certain color. Once the visual is wakened, my imagination takes off, creating an “aura” of detail around the initial image until the vision is clear and developed. Sometimes, it asks for just one photo. Sometimes, it begs a full shoot, or a wedding, or a little more time.

Or, in this case, snow.

But I don’t have snow. Or autumn leaves or winter light. So I had to take my creativity up a notch, since God wasn’t just handing me a shoot on a silver platter. I hit my archives, pulling images from four different shoots with similar colors. I decided to expand my eye with some different croppage and create something of a magazine spread.

I have to say, I really like the way it came out. What do you think?

Okay, your turn. Tell me, how do you get inspired? What do you do with your inspiration? Have you created anything that you just love? Share it here in the comments? I’d love to see!

If you leave a comment today – because I’m in the mood – I’ll pick one commenter at random to receive an 8×12 print of any image that you’ve seen and loved at my blog. I’ll announce the winner at my Friday Favorites post tomorrow!

19 thoughts on “Mood Board: Anatomy of the Muse

  1. laura

    Oh, wow, I would love to have a piece of your art, Kelly. This post is so inspiring and makes me long for hours stacked together to play with my camera or just go on a beauty hunt. Love, love, love stopping by here. You know how to ignite passion inside. Beautiful.

  2. Maureen

    How did it come out? Beautifully. I especially like your fruit image (second from bottom).

    I can’t explain inspiration either. But isn’t it great to have it!

  3. Angela Fehr

    I love the leaves just above the lace photo – and the lovely frosty/warm mood of your arrangement! Now I’m going to try to find you on Pinterest – I am inspired by colour and have spent a lot of drool-ish hours on that site!

  4. Karen

    Inspiration may come from outside … but it’s always available. God knows I need him to intervene. I love your magazine-page collection, my dear. It is wintery and so very you. Recently I’ve been re-purposing my digital art for free download, like I told you, so I’ve been reviewing my images closely.

    It’s hard to choose a favorite, several seem to have been shaped by a hand not my own. But I can factor in what I think you’d like, too, and here is the final choice: It’s one of the last drawings I worked with before I received my markers, and uses an edited photo of light shining through an icy window as the background.

  5. Megan Willome

    Hey, I don’t want to win, but I do want to share. Your pictures + a prompt to write about art = poetry.


    Through Kelly’s camera,
    there’s just more
    light. More ecru
    and bridal cream.
    More blur. Ivory
    with alabaster. Cotton
    and more milk.
    Oyster and marshmallow.
    More lace and
    also more gauze.
    Aspen bark, a
    whiff of onion.
    Snowy afternoons follow
    sunlit wedding mornings.
    Never dark or night.

  6. sarah

    Such lovely pictures, wonderful colours. That palest blue and white and brown – they’re my favourite colour combination.

    I get my inspiration by being there. I’m purely an opportunistic photographer. Sometimes I even just point and click my camera without looking through the lens, especially when I want a low or high angle. I trust the message to come through if it wants to. I guess I see it as the world being the one whose inspired and I’m called to photograph it.

    I really do love your hair.

  7. Sharon O

    I get inspired when I see other homes decorated in fall colors and I realize it is a ‘home’ that my hubby comes home to at night and it needs to be warm and welcoming reflecing the life we live together.

  8. DebZorn

    Wonderful, soft images. I love the change of seasons. Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  9. Laura R.

    Your photos are gorgeous and delicious! I seem to be hit with flashes of inspiration–maybe by a splash of bright color that catches my eye or a wonderful scent in the air. Looking at your work is certainly inspiring as well!

  10. Elizabeth Esther

    Kelly: your words and your pictures always touch the very deepest parts of my soul. Thank you for sharing. And you are just breathtakingly beautiful, too! I loooove your hair!!

  11. Lainee

    I have to say my biggest inspiration (besides God) is MUSIC. Being a musician and artist just go hand in hand for me. I will work on a certain song and from there it will give me visual ideas and then I’ll have to go shoot or create in some way. They are always inspiring each other music = art = music.

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