Friday Favorites IV

Claire asked me to host a Photoplay at The High Calling this week, so I obligingly wrote a post about the first thing that came to mind: “Why Photography? And How Do I Do It?” Only the title there is much cooler.

And while I’m afraid that I may have merely revealed my utter lack of technical knowledge about what I do with my camera, I have written about contre-jour, the method I use to achieve the utter softness and light in most of my work. Please, please, please drop in and try your hand at “The Kelly Effect”? We really want you to play along with us this week!

Pip brought me a wish or two, and blew them all over my desk as the sun came in for the first time in days. And then she went outside with her Squiggy and they whistle-squealed at the light together. They keep me alive. They are my wish-come-true.

My brother is an artist – did you know? I’ve always wanted portraits of my kids, something of them small and alive in the world, something that goes beyond a photograph to become timeless. Jeremiah works outside time, and he’s making a life for himself with his art just three hours away from us.

He also recently designed the cover for Dan King’s (aka BibleDude, #fistbumperextraordinaire) new E-book, The Unlikely Missionary, from Pew-Warmer to Poverty-Fighter.

And speaking of art, Lauren Lankford Dubinsky designed and installed a new Facebook welcome page for me. I cannot tell you how excited I am about this one – I’ve wanted one since the time I joined Facebook, but I didn’t have time to figure out the hack. I’m thrilled with Lauren’s design, too – she dared more of that plum than I had thought of attempting, and I LOVE it! I’m also going to have to work some of those teeny dots into my overall design now. I’m so hooked!

P.S. I also changed out my favicons here and at my site to match my branding – just one of those things that I do when I have brain fog… Would you believe I am actually looking at branded print materials now?

I ordered these bookmarks from Romina Bacci’s shop – OMG, I cannot WAIT for them to arrive! I’ve got so many books underway, and getting to read them with her art between the pages? Happy sigh. Yeah. Okay. I’m a total artist-type.

I don’t know if you’re shopping for Christmas gifts yet, but Billy Coffey’s Snow Day is a GOOD one. I’ve been a big fan of Billy’s blog since I found it in 2009, and his book is more of the same, and something else too.

I told Billy last year that I was going to photograph and share about his book, but it took me quite a while to get to it. I couldn’t put my finger on why until I read Coelho’s The Alchemist this summer. You see, Billy is an Alchemist. You can’t explain what he does or how he writes – you can only enter into it, let yourself get swept up into his stories. The real in his fiction is all about the gentle journey through it. At the end of that journey, you realize you’ve been changed – even though you don’t quite know how.

Billy’s newest book, Paper Angels, is already getting the same rave reviews Snow Day received. Trust me, you don’t want to miss these books!

Christine of Pobke Photography is my photography inspiration pick for this Faves post. She recently took a trip to Vietnam, and posted ever so many photos – but I couldn’t NOT stay to look at all of them! Her work with people is absolutely stunning; she has a real gift for pulling out the real. Which means, of course, that she is DEFINITELY a favorite of mine!

Other Favorites to Love

Finding My Voice, Finding My Place – by Charity Singleton at Wide Open Spaces – I got to meet Charity while I was at Laity Lodge, and she does have a lovely voice. I related to this post about finding her voice on so many levels.

Know What Makes You Cry – by Emily Freeman at Chatting At The Sky – An invitation to live beyond the edge, into the things that remind you you’re alive.

The Last Day of My Life – by Amber Haines at The Run Amuck – I haven’t posted anything from Amber for a while, but this one… She takes her ordinary and reminds her readers of how every moment we live is worth living.

Family Caught in Corn Maze Calls 911 – from Lowering the Bar – After living six in the Midwest as a child and learning exactly what could be done in cornfields, I have to admit, I LAUGHED at this one…

Bekah’s Wedding – by Seth Haines, who is out to make all the ladies jealous of Amber by being so swell. This post was amazing love and life together, in the middle of life. Siiiighhhh…

The winner of yesterday’s print giveaway is Sharon O.

Sharon, just drop me an email with your mailing address and image selection (any image here at my blog) so I can get it ordered and sent to you as soon as possible!

7 thoughts on “Friday Favorites IV

  1. Seth

    I’ve been thinking about getting Billy’s book for a while. Probably need to step up my game.

    You do something great with photos, Kelly.

  2. Hilary

    Wow! I am very much impressed with your brother’s artistic ability. What a treasure those drawings must be to you.

  3. Maureen

    And Billy has a new book Paper Angels coming out soon.

    Your daughter is a born model, Kelly. Your brother’s drawings of her are wonderful.

  4. Charity Singleton

    Kelly – This post is LOADED with good stuff. Wow, I’ll need to come back when I have more time to follow every link. Thanks for including me as one of them.