Day-After Session: Ben & Allie – Wake With Me

The morning after Ben and Allie got married, we met on the beach for a bride-and-groom portrait session. We spent their wedding day with friends and family, but this morning – this moment – was all theirs.

The day before, I watched Allie go from “little girl” to “bride,” but on this morning, I saw her transition from “bride” to “wife,” and the transition took my breath away. Ben, who had such fun with his groomsmen on his wedding day, became a different, gentler person, a man wholly in love with his woman.

As I photographed this couple the morning after their wedding, I remembered the day after my own wedding – remembered the newness and the awe I felt, finally holding the one I loved and wanted, never to let him go. The sound of waves against sand and the brightness of the nine-o’clock sun isolated all other sound and left us with the feeling that the world was all our own.

I shot quiet, holding my distance, sensing the intimacy that made this sweet, simple session one of the tenderest I’ve shot.

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Ben, Allie – thank you for sharing your love with me. I can’t tell you how I’ve enjoyed the time I’ve spent with you both. Here’s to your future, and to your childlike forever love that just keeps on growing!

19 thoughts on “Day-After Session: Ben & Allie – Wake With Me

  1. Leeann

    Oh *GOLLY* the black and white shot about halfway through the series… yes. That.

  2. Jenny

    they seriously are the most amazing couple, I have loved every entry you have shared abt them… and your capturing their essence? incredible.

  3. laura

    Oh, thank you. What a privilege to witness such love. And you? How can it not change a girl to record such precious moments. Beautiful, Kelly.

  4. Kelly Sauer Post author

    Oh Laura, you’re so right… It takes me so long to make memories for myself – these moments give me my life back.

  5. Kelly Sauer Post author

    Aren’t they just the cutest couple you’ve ever seen? Their love goes so deep, like the ocean they chose to witness their wedding…

  6. Wyndie

    That is most assuredly the most romantic portrait session I have ever seen… anywhere. What precious memories you have captured for them.

  7. ?ete

    Absolutely love the results of his shoot. Knowing how hard you worked for this shoot, how tired you were and how late you were up the night before makes it quite amazin’. Pleased to be proud of ya.

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  9. Kimberly

    Wow, can I say it again? Wow. The photos are just beautiful. I want pictures like these for my wedding. The sand, the blue sky and the beautiful couple, combined makes the moment look so perfect.