Pip and Squiggy ♥ Southern Weddings Magazine

I’ve been researching and re-learning a few things while I finalized Ben and Allie’s photos, and I think I may need to offer an apology to you who are familiar with my photography style. I’m contemplating a change that may present a bit of a jolt to you. I’ve spent a lot of time working on lighting, composition, and content – now I’m working on my use of color!

This little shoot was a perfect opportunity to try out a new color scheme, and I’ll be bringing more into play soon, once I get it under control. Things are a little wonky yet, but I’m loving the direction this is going.

Now. If you hung out at my old blog last fall, you know the drill for this session. There’s a huge photo contest at Southern Weddings to capture their new magazine cover, and since I love Southern Weddings, love taking pictures, and had a good idea, well…

Piper (my four-year-old) and I joined forces to style this little Southern Weddings Magazine shoot. She insisted that we have an “I Love You” card, and I insisted that she wear my wedding dress for the shoot. She wanted Bredon (aka. “Squiggy”) to be part of the session, and Bredon loves getting dressed up for things. And he doesn’t mind wearing a hat or two when his mama is getting all gooey over him. I added my grandmother’s blue plaid tablecloth and some favorite lace, and Pip contributed her desk and chair for a little tea table. Her hat was an Old Navy find for a free photo session we never managed to get shot, and Bredon’s hats were from… well, I can’t tell you yet. *grin*

I made a list of about eight shots that I definitely wanted. I got about six of those, and then Piper brought her own sense of herself to the thing, Bredon broke the teacup you see here, and well, here is what we made, our fine art out of a grumpy “are we done yet?” sort of real…

26 thoughts on “Pip and Squiggy ♥ Southern Weddings Magazine

  1. Jessica

    LOVE these! Maybe it’s just coincidence, but I’m noticing warmer tones in these (especially skin tones), which I love! I can tend to overdo the warmth a little sometimes, but this is perfect. :-)

  2. Kelly Sauer Post author

    awh… She’s so funny! We have such a weird photgraphical relationship. We both have our own ideas about things, and I’ve learned to simply shoot her as she comes. It works, though!

  3. Deb

    Your kids are absolutely precious, Kelly! Love the theme as well! You shot it out of the park! Well done!

  4. Kelly Sauer Post author

    Glad you like – I can’t stop smiling over this shoot – they made it so special on this end. I even get the bragging rights! ;-)

  5. Kelly Sauer Post author

    I had about half an hour with distractions from the neighbor boys. It wasn’t all I had pictured, but I really do love the results!

  6. Kelly Sauer Post author

    It’s the additional color – I’ve been shooting for something in processing that I haven’t been getting, and the light bulb went on over the weekend that I needed to add COLOR to get the full contrast I’ve been going for! I’m in love with it, though I’ll likely scale it back a little bit in places…

  7. Jessica

    Oh man these are just beautiful. Your Pip… her face matches your stories. She is so expressive. I think perhaps it’s time to get out the wedding dress and play with the girls. What fun that would be.

  8. Maureen

    Some great shots here. When did Bredon get so tall? They’re both going to break a lot of hearts one day, and then make one each very happy.

  9. ?ete

    speaking as the biased pater familias of the brood depicted hereinabove, I’d have to say that they are cuter than All Get Out. But then the Mother of All Get Out is likely disinclined to concur so it may be a quandry never satisfactorily settled to the general public. I shall therefore commence Occupy [the home of] All Get Out until they capitulate and acknowledge the superior Cute-itude of my progeny.

  10. Carrie

    This might be my most favorite photo shoot you have ever posted. They are SO adorable and you are so gifted. And so blessed! :) :)