Five Minutes With Strangers: Le Papillon Vert

On Monday, I shared about five minutes with a couple Pete and I asked to photograph at the Charleston Farmer’s Market. Today, I’ve got another five minutes to share with you – a vendor from one of the market stalls whose booth and colors caught my eye as we were walking past.

Le Papillon Vert – The Green Butterfly – is a little shop I never noticed at the market before (mostly because we are usually chasing kids and racing our parking meter). The shop is one of a few jewelry shops featured at the Farmer’s Market and stands out from the rest with its bright fabric appeal and classic booth design. Evita Smith, a local designer/craftswoman, handmakes everything for this little shop (which is also an Etsy shop – how FUN is that??!), and I mean everything from silk fabric flowers to custom corsets.

Le Papillon VertSometimes I get the inspiration to take a picture of the most random objects around me and people think that I am crazy because of that, but when they see the finished product they are stunned. Well, I guess that is something that I have as a unique gift to see the world differently and not treat everyday objects like they are nothing. I like to think that everything around us has a story just like that jewelry store and when taking a picture, that picture can tell a thousand stories about that one item. That is the beauty of photography, even if you don’t know the real story behind a photo, you can make up one yourself if you just let your imagination flow freely. Just take a look at the pictures below and tell me what type of story you see when you take a look at the picture.

Her antique mannequin with the soft green corset stopped me in my photographin’ tracks – I had been DYING to shoot one of those. Once I had shot that, I just got carried away while Pete carried on the conversation. (I mentioned my husband is good with people?)

That classy feminine feel of her work? I’m falling in love here. I’m so seriously going to have to ask her to share some for a shoot sometime!