A Kelly Spring – And a Photo Teaser

I looked down my blog yesterday, and it’s covered all over with spring now. I have so much more of it in my computer, because I’ve been out shooting it as the morning light goes dancing through neighborhood blossoms, skimming too-tall grass that just keeps on growing. I guess when winter hands over the reins of the world to spring, my whole life begins to revolve around it.

They told us when we moved here that there was no place like Charleston for the allergies, any time of the year. Things grow all year round, and you can’t kill the mold down here with all the humidity, and in the spring, our cars and windows turn green with live oak pollen falling down from grand old trees keeping their hundred-year watch.

But they also told us about sunny days, and “if you can survive a summer here, you can stay,” and warm winters and early spring that brings out flowers in January, just when my heart says that spring should be here.

In the fall, I love classic, organic beauty – the graceful dying – but in the spring everything is about life, and the pure FRESHNESS of it all. My heart is never more present than it is in the springtime. I think that’s why my senior session last Saturday morning was so perfect, why I’m so excited about my Savannah wedding from the Saturday before.

In the spring, I believe goodness, more than any other time of the year. I was born in the spring, fell in love for the first time in the spring. It is the easiest time of year for me to thank God for being who He is. In the spring, I am unafraid of Him, and the open invitation to “come out and play” gives the little girl heart in me all the permission she needs to put on dresses and play with pretty. It is always my favorite time to be alive.

I want to know – what do you love about spring? Share a pretty with me here? I’m kind of unapologetically addicted…

7 thoughts on “A Kelly Spring – And a Photo Teaser

  1. Stacey

    I like the open windows and I miss the Bluebonnets in Texas. I like the color of the sky, because it seems to change to a brighter blue.

  2. Leeann

    Colour replacing constant, enless gray. The invasion of green. Cherry blossoms and, now, my anniversary :)

  3. patty

    i love this post, kelly. yes… i love spring, too. but i seem to love all seasons, just as they arrive. just in time. :)