I have been dying to show you the cherry blossoms.

They were everywhere in Ireland, bringing spring back to me after Charleston had moved well on toward summer. But Ireland’s spring was fresh, with the earliest blooms coming in full just as the new green leaves were beginning to appear.

I didn’t photograph Ireland the way I expected to shoot Ireland. I couldn’t bear to photograph all of the sights. I wanted to BE a part of Ireland, not just take pictures of her. She and I – we understood one another, new spring coming into an old, tired world that has known too much pain. I was like a child there, playing with pretties, living in the light.

Please forgive me for taking my time with all of these. I am really loving my photography right now, and I’m so excited to be flying out in two hours for a shoot weekend in Virginia – but it means that Ireland is going to need to wait a bit longer.

I want to post more, and I want to do a giveaway, but I have to do this in little bits, to honor the moments we lived, the way we went to Ireland – not as tourists, but as people, alive. I don’t want to slap-dash it to my blog just because everyone is anticipating it, or because I want it done. I want to linger with my images, to savor the time I spent in Ireland and the memories Pete and I made together.

6 thoughts on “I have been dying to show you the cherry blossoms.

  1. Anna

    I’m glad you’re taking your time, Kelly. It’ll be all the better for it, and it indicates you’re being true to what you’re learning. :)