NOVA Portraits | Allie – A [Little] Girl in the White Dress

Can I let you in on a little secret? I hate the color green. At least as a backdrop in my photos. At least, I thought I did. But this little shoot, my new camera, and my Visual Supply Co. presets might just have changed my mind.

As I prepared to photograph Allie, the daughter of one of earliest wedding couples, I mentally groaned, realizing that the location I’d chosen for the shoot left me with little choice but to embrace the green. Her little white dress stood out in perfect contrast to the lush green of the cemetery where we did the session, so I focused on her, figuring I could deliver in black-and-white if I needed to. Well. It turned out, I didn’t need to. And now I am pretty much in love with green.

P.S. I’m just sharing a little behind-the-lens info here, but if you want to see more of Allie’s UH-DOOR-UH-BILITY, you’ll have to head over to The Girl in the White Dress. Oh, come on. You had to know I was going to say that…

5 thoughts on “NOVA Portraits | Allie – A [Little] Girl in the White Dress

  1. Izabela

    She looks like Suri Cruise in one picture. She is adorable and I’m glad you fell in love with the color green.