We Heart | Kinfolk Magazine

I’ve got a theory that living in such an internet-saturated world is actually recreating a desire to hold printed things in our hands. Of course, I say this because I assume that the rest of the world thinks like me, that you all get tired of the screen that tethers us to our jobs and connects us to all the noise we could ask. I say this because I think it takes your breath away to page through a printed book with beautiful pictures, read a handwritten letter, or caress textured paper.

It is just a unique experience that I think cannot be replaced with a modern digital way. Of course, I understand that younger generations are more used to using computers and technology on a daily basis, but even they can enjoy reading a real book. Holding a book in your hand is like the part of the experience, it makes the story more enjoyable because you get a feeling like you are a part of it.

I’ve got a confession to make.

I’ve pretty much stopped reading blogs. I am buying magazines now. And books. And I am spending a little time each day with the tangible to freshen my perspective after spending so much time in a web-world that contains only itself and its ideas. But I’m remembering how not everything can be reduced to pixels and design. I’m remembering how good it feels to read slowly, without scrolling or highlighting. I am touching printed images and remembering that the world is bigger than my blog.

Which brings me to Kinfolk Magazine, my (okay, OUR – Pete loves it!!!) new obsession.

Kinfolk MagazineThe sweetly traditional tone of the photography in this new obsession of mine has been so refreshing. Combine that with the poetic writing and true stories throughout – the authenticity offered here is unbelievably beautiful. It takes me back to times I spent at my grandma’s house, reminds me to cherish traditions NOW, to make space for them and live, instead of sustaining survival mode all the time.

You have to read it. I want you to hold it too. Take a break. Breathe.

(Oh. And I am not being paid for this endorsement. I just love this new little thing in my life and I wanted to share.)