Wedding Favorites | Rani & John

WeddingRani and John (who had the most gorgeous light ever for their oh-so-wonderful engagement session!) were married in a beautiful cosmopolitan wedding here in Charleston last October, and I’ve been saving their feature post until we got their wedding published, which happened yesterday at The Wedding Row. This wedding was one of the most joyous occasions I’ve ever witnessed – and I don’t use that word lightly. Everyone who came was genuinely glad to be there, and the love that got passed around that group of people was incredible to witness. The pictures didn’t do it justice, but here is some of the beauty, and a few of my favorites from their day.

Creating a wedding is a very complicated process, especially because you want everything to be perfect that day just like this wedding was. Every guest seemed satisfied with the entire experience because they were dancing, drinking and socializing the entire day. I would like to go to more weddings because I feel like they are a very special occasion where you get the chance to meet a lot of kind people.

Unfortunately, everything has to end at some point, but I really didn’t want the wedding to end that day because it was such a blast. Only the pictures and the videos that were taken will live forever as a reminder of that special day for Rani and John. I am really happy for both of them and I think they are meant for each other because they have many things in common and share the same passion which is most important.