How to Become A Successful Blogger

People think that blogging is easy and that they can do it even better, the reason why I know that is because I was once one of those people. Of course, the moment I started my personal blog, I realized how wrong I was this whole time. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want to scare off people from blogging, I think it is a very unique and beautiful experience, but it is not simply that is for sure. In case you want to just share your thoughts with people and not take care of the aesthetics or what other people think, then you can have a pretty easy time, but if you are like me a perfectionist, you will have to work hard.

Posting a picture or a story on my blog is a process that can take up to few days. In some cases, I start to write something, and I never end up posting it because I don’t feel like it will be interesting or entertaining for my audience. That’s why I decided to share some of my experience with blogging and maybe help you how to become a successful blogger.

Quality Content

ContentI believe that the most important thing about blogging that will get you successful is to have quality content over quantity. Nobody really cares if you have posted 1000 articles in a year if there is nobody to read them. Of course, you have to be consistent and put out a post at least once per month, but even then, you have to make sure that the post is high-quality, and that people will enjoy it. Making a lot of bad posts won’t get you or your blog anywhere because nobody will want to waste their time reading some nonsense.

In some cases, you need to sacrifice your time to create a quality post. I sometimes spend over a week designing a post, but the feedback that I get from my readers makes everything worth it. Once you start blogging, you will understand the feeling. If you like to write stories and share your experiences with other people, then I strongly suggest starting a blog because there are people who want to learn from you or heard your interesting stories.

Listen to Audience

In the start, you might not get a lot of people visiting your blog, but that is completely normal. You cannot just grow overnight a huge audience that loves you. This is a process that takes time and patience. The key to growing your audience is to always listen to them and make changes that they suggest. There will always be people in your audience who will say what they think about your posts. Even if the feedback is mean, you don’t have to start an argument, everyone has the right to say what they like or dislike. Take that critique and turn it into something better. If they don’t like that you are too detailed, then start telling stories that are simpler and easier to understand maybe they like that.