I’ve had a High Calling Photoplay prompt floating around at the edges of my consciousness since Claire posted the thing last week, but I’d not had time to even read it thoroughly before this morning. I figured I’d just need to pick a color and shoot a photo in that color. I didn’t expect that I’d need to get EIGHT images! And for an added bonus, we were collaborating with Tweetspeak Poetry this week, writing catalog poems about our colors.

Seriously? Claire, L.L.? That’s asking for a LOT of creativity in one place!

Lavender color photographyI had to do a full shoot this morning, and I picked “lavender” as my color. Apparently, it is my favorite color. It comes from the ultraviolet in light, and since “light” is not really a color, I went with the closest thing that hit my eye – the sun coming in on the dried lavender bundle I’ve got in my office. Once I was three shots in, I realized I’d run out of lavender stuff in the house, so I had to get creative. I took a trip around the house, dug through some old stationery, headed outside to my neighbor’s house, and finished with one of the prettiest shots I’ve ever done!

Photography can sometimes be more complicated than most people might think, it requires not just a lot of skill, but also a lot of patience because you will not get straight away from your best shot. In some cases, I was spending a whole week before I got the right shot. To be a good photographer you will need to be judgmental and the reason why you need to be like that is that you have to judge your own photographs in most cases. If you think that every photo you take is perfect, then you probably are doing something wrong. I have met a person who was passionate about taking photos, but the problem he had was that he thought he was a professional when in reality the pictures were not even mediocre level. People like that just need few pointers to show them the beauty of photography and at what level they need to be at with every photo.