What are the Limits of Blogging

As a blogger myself I can give you all kinds of information and guidance on how to start your own blog, but lately, a lot of people have been asking me what some of the limitations for bloggers are. Well, answering this question is not easy, there are not that many limits as a blogger, but still, there are some things that you shouldn’t do. What I like about blogging is that I have a freedom to write anything that I like whether people like it or not. Of course, I decided myself that I want an audience that appreciates the work and effort that I put into my posts, so I try to make everything interesting to them. I have done some thinking and I think I came up with a short list of things that are limiting me as a blogger and that I would like to change.

Terms of Service

Just like anything else that is on the internet blogs also have to follow some certain rules such as the terms of service. In case you violate some of the terms of services, your account or even your entire blog can get suspended permanently. That is the worst nightmare for every blogger because you will lose all of your followers and you will have to start over from scratch. That’s why I suggest that you always have a backup account where you can let your followers know that you have moved to a different location. Also, starting social media accounts is a huge help in case things go wrong. There is a high chance that even if you violate the terms of service that you will get a notification that you did something bad. In some cases, you won’t get any notification and you will just get removed.

Storage Limit

Storage LimitOne of the things that are frustrating to me is the storage limit they have because it is around 1 GB I believe and that is more than enough if you are just posting text. However, if you are a photographer or you are posting pictures that 1 GB will not be enough. Luckily there is an option to use some additional features and services that will allow you to expand the storage of your blog in case you need it. For me, that was the solution and now I can post everything that I want, however, I still need to pay extra for that expanded storage space. So, in conclusion, there isn’t a lot of things that will keep you from posting wherever you like. The limitations won’t get in your way, especially when you first start your blog because you will have a fresh canvas